A New Range Of Dry Marinade Quick Mixes!

Easily mix with double the water for a delicious marinade or sauce
Something Saucy 7 popular flavours dry marinades
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Dry Marinade Quick Mixes

Flavour Profiles


Sticky BBQ: Typical sweet BBQ flavour and hints of clove

Peri-Peri: Slightly sweet with mild tomato flavour and noticeable burn

Sweet Chilli: Sweet with strong garlic notes and slight burn

Lemon and Herb: Slightly sweet with prominent lemon and herb flavour

Portuguese Chicken: Slightly sweet with strong paprika and coriander notes and a noticeable burn

Cape Malay: Typical sweet curry flavour with notes of fennel and cinnamon

Fruit Chutney: Sweet with strong fruit chutney flavour and hint of apricot

Retail Labels Available


We have Labelled Up!

Consumers eat with their eyes so make sure your marinated products look their best with our Something Saucy marinade spices and stand-out labels. The perfect combo to get your products flying off your shelves.


Something Saucy Retail Labels on rolls
Something Saucy ready to use marinades and sauces 5 litre

5 Litre Sauces & Marinades

Our range also includes ready-to-use 5 litre sauces and marinades

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