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Exim has been supplying the butchery industry for over 35 Years. We supply a wide range of products including spices, meat-processing  machinery, casings, packaging, butchery requisites and ingredients. 


Casings are the cornerstone of the Exim business. Exim procures natural, artificial and tubed casings both locally and abroad. Find out more about the casings range.

Sausage casings from Exim


Exim's spices are of the highest quality and are milled and blended in Exim's onsite state of the art Spice Factory. View our extensive range of herbs, spices and seasonings. 

Exim spices


Exim offers a fully comprehensive selection of industrial and retail machinery as well as accessories and attachments to suit all your requirements. View our range of machinery and equipment

Exim mincer


Exim is able to provide a full range of butchery requisites. Our range includes bandsaw blades, knives, labels, skewers, cello disks, netting, meat trays and hooks, aprons and other items. Contact us for more information.

Exim butchery requisites knives


Exim stocks a wide range of affordable packaging solutions including bespoke packaging where required. Our range includes vac bags, bread bags, film, foam trays, cello disks and meat netting. Contact us for more information.

Butchery Packaging Supplied by Exim


Exim caters for all your additive and ingredient requirements from soya isolates and vegetable proteins to cures, brines and marinades.

Exim Marinades and Ingredients for meat