Popular Products For Making Boerewors & Braaiwors


Popular Boerewors and Braaiwors Spice Blends


Namakwa Boerewors
Namakwa Boerewors 1.1kg

Predominant coriander seed and nutmeg flavours are supported by clove and black
pepper to give a tasty, well-rounded boerewors.

Plaaswors 1.1kg

Tasty, traditional boerewors with clove, nutmeg, black pepper and a generous sprinkling of coriander seeds.

Farmstyle Boerwors 1kg

A well-rounded, boerewors flavour with added whole thyme. Medium spiced

Super Braaiwors 3kg

Roasted coriander, paprika and nutmeg are paired with chilli powder to give a tasty braaiwors with a nice bite. The red/orange colouring gives good colour over the large meat block.

Wors Sauce, Vinegar and Worcestershire Sauce


Whilst we do sell Worcestershire sauce and Vinegar for the traditionalists, we highly recommend using our Wors sauce...

Exim Wors sauce is a 2 in 1 product that replaces vinegar and worcestershire

  • Enhances taste of meat products with a savoury, umami flavour
  • Improves shelf life of meat products
  • Unlike vinegar and worcester, Wors Sauce does not "burn" the meat. It has a higher pH which will assist in the prevention of "burning" and discolouration of the end product
  • Imparts lighter colour than worcester sauce thus offering an improved end product colour
Wors Sauce


Casings are the cornerstone of the Exim business. Exim procures natural, artificial and tubed casings both locally and abroad. Available in a variety of sizes and calibres are sheep, beef, hog, cellulose and iPeel.

Lamb Sausage Casings from Exim
Beef sausage casings from Exim



Lightweight, easy to clean meat grinder. Reliable and durable

T22 Exim Mincer

Mincer TC32

Reliable, inexpensive meat grinder. Barrel and tray can be removed without tools for easy cleaning

TC32 Exim Mincer


PH25 Hydrolic

Closed hydraulic circuit with tank. .Extreme flexibility of piston speed adjustment. Very easy to clean waterproof electric box.

Dadaux Filler

Hand Filler 5l and 7l

Suitable for all types of sausage. Very strong stainless steel cylinders and easy to use and remove for cleaning. Supplied with 3 different funnel nozzles; 10, 20 and 30mm

Exim Hand Sausage Filler

Electric Sausage Filler SEV10 / SEV15

Convenient ELECTRIC small capacity filler at a very affordable price. Easy to operate and clean.

Electric Sausage Filler SEV10 SEV15