Popular Products For Making Burgers

Popular Burger Spice Blends

Exim Burger Spices
Texan Burger 2kg

Medium flavour profile comprised mainly of beef and BBQ notes, with a little onion and garlic to compliment the above notes. Taste is generally very beefy and quite savoury, suited for those who love 'salt'

Chargrill Burger 1kg

A smokey spice blend with notes of garlic, cloves and pepper

Exim Burger 2kg

Mild burger, with predominantly beef and paparika flavours and a hint of garlic set against a background of celery and caraway.

Pepper Burger 1kg

Predominantly characteristic bell pepper and cayenne pepper flavours set against a background of beef and smoke.

Patty Presses & Packaging

Patty Press
  • Available in two sizes : 100mm and 130mm
  • Form patties quickly and efficiently
  • Made from epoxy coated aluminum and stainless steel
  • Quick and handy
Patty Press
Cello Disks
Exim Cello Disks
Patty Machine
  • Available in two sizes : 100mm and 130mm
  • Cast aluminium construction
  • Form patties quickly and efficiently
  • Very robust
Patty Making Machine
Exim Clingfilm
Trust Patty Machine
  • To be attached to various sausage fillers by means of an adaptor nut
  • Machine is supplied with one moulding plate with a diameter of 100mm and produces a ±100g patty (other sizes are available on request)
Trust Patty Press Machine


Mincer TC32

Reliable, inexpensive meat grinder. Barrel and tray can be removed without tools for easy cleaning.

TC32 Exim Mincer
Mincer T22

Lightweight, easy to clean meat grinder. Reliable and durable.

T22 Exim Mincer