Exim can supply a range of casings to meet all the unique requirements of our customers.

Sausage Casings is a cornerstone of our business. Exim procures sheep, beef, hog and artificial casings (plastic, cellulose and collagen) both locally and abroad.

Our imported products are selected prior to import and undergo a number of strong quality control tests in our casing plant prior to selling. These control tests are conducted by our top selectors to gauge calibre, quality, and length.

Our casing plant has two divisions, namely Halaal and non-Halaal. Both plants are GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedure) certified, and adhere to the strict Muslim Judicial Council requirements. We are also members of INSCA.
In keeping with the company ethos of product excellence, the Exim Casings team are able to recommend, source and supply casings specific to our client’s unique demands. We are able to supply tubed casings; as well as casings in bundles or a bucket.

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